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Ads directory USA is a place that protects your privacy in the best way possible. Our website does not use any of our user’s information to disclose it to any third party.

adsdirectoryusa.com also never collects the name, address, or any personal details of the users that visit adsdirectoryusa.com unless we ask.We ask such information in our query form that even in a limited way.

adsdirectoryusa.comalso has a query form which may ask your e-mail address and your name along with your message/query. So, you may be required to enter your e-mail ID and name there which will always be kept safe and will never be shared with any other party than the officials of adsdirectoryusa.com. Other than the query form of the website, your e-mail address and name would never be collected by our website.

adsdirectoryusa.commay record the statistical data for the analysis purpose only. Which would include the place from where our customers are accessing our website. Also, we would trackwhich pages of our websites are being viewed the most, so your page views would also be recorded in our data system. This all is for the purpose of preparing a report of how our customers are accessing our website.

Also, we track your IP address in order to keep a record of your geographical data including your country,state and city from where you access our website. Every computer has an IP that we collect to create a statistical data of identifying the new users and the returning users to our website.

External links

adsdirectoryusa.com is a website that has a directory of other websitesthat offer medicines and other services at acompetitive price. So, you may find many links on our website which would direct you to some other website.The purpose of which is tolet you know which website is selling what type of medicines and services.

You would also find cybersecurity, tech support, website development and many more categories of websites redirections on our website. So, this is only for the purpose of spreading the awareness of different great websites which is none of a concern for the privacy of our customers.We will always do our best to keep your privacy as secured.

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