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What is the Use of Oxycontin?

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Oxycontin is an extended-release tablet and similar to opioids. Oxycontin is a brand name of the most famous prescription painkiller, oxycodone. This drug is made from the opium of the poppy plant, same as the substance from which the heroin is made. Oxycontin is used to treat severe to chronic pain. This drug is mainly […]

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What to buy while comparing Oxycontin vs Hydrocodone?

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Oxycontin vs Hydrocodone

For comparing Oxycontin vs Hydrocodone; we need to analyze these two products point by point. Dosage comparison of Oxycontin vs Hydrocodone: Oxycontin is more potent pain reliever than Hydrocodone. Oxycontin is generally available in singular form as well as in combination forms while Hydrocodone is only available in a combination form for use. Order Now  […]