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What is an online pharmacy and how buying medicines online was initially a curse for medical science?

These days everything is available online, right from groceries to old and new movies. In fact, you can do online shopping for even a small thing like diapers, but there are also some pros and cons of online shopping and one of the cons is online fraud which means that sometimes you’re made to buy something or do a transaction for something that turns out to be fake and indirectly a part of a fraud. Same is the case with medicines which are sold in large numbers in the market every day and need a prescription to be bought. Sadly, there are many online pharmacies that turn out to be a fraud and provide the customer with a fake copy of the medicine that does more harm than good.

Thus the mission of the online pharmacy is to ensure that a customer buys a medicine that does not burn a hole in his/her pocket with the guarantee that the customer will be provided with full safety and security.

In the late 19th century, medicines were delivered by online pharmacies to a person’s doorstep through a mail order. As time progressed and many changes in the manufacturing department took place slowly and slowly, medicines of better quality were provided to the customer, but the criminal acts associated with online fraud were still there. To curb such acts, laws started becoming more strict and this hindered the delivery of all kinds of products. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy was founded in the U.S. in the year 1904 to stop manufacturers who sell medication s of ill-repute and those who buy these medicines to sell them to the public.

By the 1990s, the department of online shopping had started booming and many customers would place an order for their products online. Many companies started selling their products online so that their customers could buy the product at the click of one button. Despite this huge change, pharmacies and retail chains were still not online and they would regularly prescribe their customers to take the medication they needed from a medical store. Later as discoveries of medical science also started becoming a part of the trend of online shopping, NABP set up the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program where reputable online pharmacies could apply and register themselves as a safe and trustworthy site.

How are some online pharmacies indulging in online frauds and what are the steps being taken to curb them all?

With increasing number of frauds in the name of online pharmacies by Americans who were using Canadian names and also there were fake sites claiming to be a genuine Canadian site, Dr. Tod Cooperman along with Gabriel Levitt co-founded PharmacyChecker in 2002. The reason behind why PharmacyChecker was founded was to educate the masses to compare the cost of the same medicine being sold at different places, and to make sure that the drug they’re buying is completely safe. To curb the frauds being committed in the name of companies selling their medicines to the customers online, “Operation Pangea” was launched in the year 2008, which targets the three main components were used by illegal websites to sell their products online – Internet Service Provider (ISP), transaction and the delivery of the product. The future for online pharmacies looks bleak because it seems like they have to collaborate with a company that is huge in stature. It is also being said that consumers are being encouraged to buy the red medicine through search engines, such as Google, domain registrars and credit cards by Center for Safe and Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) to launch a fight against those companies who are selling medicines that can do more harm than good and making their customers buy the fake copy of the original medicine.

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